Thank you for submitting your application fee. Please follow these directions carefully:

Please send a copy of your resume to

In the subject line please write in capital letters the name of your city and your name: (LOS ANGELES: Betty Blue).

Then, in the body of your email, answer the following questions:

1. In ten sentences or less, describe your athletic background/current activity? 

2. Do you have experience working with athletes, or training in yoga for athletes?

3. In the spirit of team building, who would you recommend in your town as a good fit for Pro Positive Yoga?

Our focus here is on team building, and we are interested in yoga instructors that value a good connection with their peers, and are confident in their own unique value and the contribution they will make together as part of a Pro Positive Yoga team in the following Minor League and Major League cities:

Once we have received a copy of your resume and answers, we will contact you to schedule a 15-20 minute interview.

Thank you for taking the time to thoughtfully apply, it is appreciated.

Best regards,

The Pro Positive Yoga Team