Ideal candidates are those that have a passion in working with athletes or bringing yoga to non traditional settings.

We are always looking for well qualified instructors to become early adapters and part of our team. Our focus is on guiding professional and amateur athletes into a greater place of optimal health and well being.

Our focus is on scheduling Professional and Collegiate teams with qualified yoga instructors for the upcoming season. At the same time, we are aligning opportunities with youth, high school and other competitive teams as well as other public and private entities across the country.

All Pro Positive Yoga instructors have been actively teaching for a minimum of 3 years and have a minimum of 200 hours of instruction if not far more.

Strong candidates are those who have:

  • Have had athletic backgrounds themselves
  • Strong anatomy training
  • Have taken diverse teaching training
  •  Sport specific teacher training is valued
  • Proof of insurance
  • Being registered with Yoga Alliance a plus but not imperative

Already working with the professionals? Then we need you. Are you inspired to work with athletes of this caliber? Then we encourage you to apply! 

To apply please send a copy of your resume to with the subject line that includes the name of your city and your name: (LOS ANGELES: Your Name).

Then, in the body of your email answer the following:

  1. Tell us about your experience as a yoga teacher and/or include your Yoga Alliance Registry page (if applicable) or active link to other current bio page.
  2.  In a paragraph or less describe your experience as an athlete or your current athletic background.
  3. Do you have experience working with athletes, or specific training in yoga for athletes?
  4. In the spirit of team building who would you recommend in your town as a good fit for Pro Positive Yoga?

Our focus is on creating the best working unit we possibly can.  Interested yoga instructors that value a good connection with their peers, are confident in their own unique value and the contribution they will make together as part of a local Pro Positive Yoga team, apply today!

We need instructors and we want those who are passionate about teaching so please contact us. Each applicant will be vetted by Pro Positive Yoga and placed into one of several teaching categories based on numerous captured information. The process does take roughly 30 days to align schedules and exchange views on if we are a good fit.