Pro Positive Yoga provides professional and amateur sports teams with leading yoga instructors and mindfulness coaches both at home and on the road.  We bring yoga and mindfulness directly to teams and teach where they play, practice and train.

We are looking for well qualified instructors to become early adapters and part of our team. Our focus is on guiding professional and amateur athletes into a greater place of optimal health and wellbeing.

Would you like to be part of your city’s local team of yoga instructors, called upon to serve the needs of professional and amateur athletes? 

This spring our focus is on scheduling Major and Minor League Baseball teams with qualified yoga instructors for the 2016 baseball season. At the same time we are aligning opportunities with youth, high school and collegiate athletes, and other public and private entities across the country.

Are you inspired to work with athletes of this caliber?

Then we encourage you to apply.

1. A one-time processing fee of $37

  • this is not a membership nor is Pro Positive Yoga a trade union
  • not all who apply are suited to represent Pro Positive Yoga (please keep this in mind when applying)
  • all Pro Positive Yoga instructors are independent contractors

2. A copy of your resume sent to

In the subject line please write in capital letters the name of your city and your name: (LOS ANGELES: Your Name).

Then, in the body of your email answer the following:

    1. Tell us about your experience as a yoga teacher and/or include your Yoga Alliance Registry page (if applicable) or active link to other current bio page. 

    2. In a paragraph or less describe your experience as an athlete or your current athletic background. 

    3. Do you have experience working with athletes, or specific training in yoga for athletes?

    4. In the spirit of team building who would you recommend in your town as a good fit for Pro Positive Yoga?

Our focus is on creating the best working unit we possibly can.  Interested yoga instructors that value a good connection with their peers, are confident in their own unique value and the contribution they will make together as part of a local Pro Positive Yoga team, please apply!


Pro Positive Yoga seeks to be all inclusive but not all yoga instructors who apply are an adequate fit. Please keep this in mind when applying and reference Instructor FAQ for more information.

Once we have received your application fee and processed your resume Human Resources will contact you within 7-10 business days to schedule a 15-20 minute interview via Skype with CEO Matthew Repplinger or COO Lara Rosenberg.

Thank you for taking the time in being a part of something truly special, we look forward to speaking with you.